Manufacturing transformer

C2EI is the expert in Low Voltage Electrical Transformation.

For the last 40 years, C2EI formerly named CIEGEI,  has developped a very solid experience in  designing and manufacturing any kind of low voltage coils and transformers with associated overmoulding activities.

Thanks to its organisation, its industrial means and its resolute involvement in quality and sustainable development, C2EI has become the favorite partner of the biggest names in the Industry and contributes to their Customers Satisfaction .

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Our transformer

Standard transformer

From 1VA to 800kVA, C2EI has developped a set of coils commercial references - chokes, electromagnets, autotransformers, transformers - to be able to answer quickly to your standard needs...

Single phase transformers with socket connections

What is below is far from being exhaustive. We manufacture other references of products than the ones listed in the charts below. contact us, we can produce transformers meeting your needs.